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22 Ways To Reuse An Altoids Tin | The Art Of Manliness

I’m not sure why but I have an affinity to mini and sample things. I love campers because of the mini ovens and pull out beds. I love samples of beauty products (I have about a million mini Avon lipsticks!) And I also like to be prepared. That’s the Brownie in me! So these Altoid Tin makeovers are like the worlds best DIY to me! There are 22 here but these four are my favourite. I particularly like the two Survival kit versions - the urban survival one I will keep in my handbag and the ‘real’ survival one I’m going to keep in my car… you know… for all those times I end up stuck in the scrub on my way to Maitland!

Emergency Candle
My dad went out and bought me a special torch that you always keep plugged in so when you have an emergency you can just grab it. I’m not sure where that torch is. Anyway, doesn’t candle light make you look pretty anyway?!

Games Tin
I love board and card games but when you decide to sit down and actually play, you either: A) Can’t find a die or B) Cards are missing from a pack. Keeping a little tin with these things in it means you’re always ready for a game.

Survival Kit
If you fill this kit with the items suggested, you could probably live in the woods for a year. Not only are there fire starters, but fishing line, water purification tablets, etc, etc. Now I just need to learn how to use those things…

Urban Survival Kit
I’m always asking people for Panadol, trying to find a Bandaid that hasn’t come open in my handbag or begging for change for parking metres. No more! I’m going to make one of these tins for myself, but don’t even think about asking me for any of the contents!


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