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Do Good, Save A Stamp, Send An Ecard | ReadyMade

I came across this post on Ready Made, and knowing my readers I knew y’all would like it! They explain it better so here’s the lowdown!

I have been planning to make my holiday cards this year, though as we’re now nearly two weeks away from Christmas, I’m realizing that it might not happen. Which makes me very happy to have learned about these e-cards. Melissa Kushner, founder of Goods for Good, has teamed up with five illustrators and graphic artists in a series of 9 Holiday e-cards.

Each is sold on a donation basis, with proceeds going to benefit Goods for Good, which matches excess goods in the US (which are often destined for the landfill) with vulnerable children in the developing world. Consider: $10 will provide soap for 450 nursery school children. $25 will provide new shoes for over 30 orphans. $50 means fabric for 170 school uniforms. $100 provide pens and notepads for 150 students. Seems like a nice way to check something off of your to-do list and give back at the same time. Plus the designs are pretty fantastic, I think.

Perfect! I’m the same - I always think ‘I’m going to make my cards this year’ and then… nope. I adore that snowball ecard! What a sweet way to give back.


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