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Reality TV…

OK, so unsurprisingly, I love reality design shows! When I was at home we had Austar, which is like cable. It was like heaven! For y’all who aren’t Australian, let me put this into perspective for you - when I was younger, we had five tv channels. Five.

Anyway, I am addicted to design shows, in particularly Project Runway and Design Star! I haven’t seen the latest Design Star but I am now watching Project Runway All Stars, and I’m love love loving it! Is anyone else watching this? I was so disappointed when Anthony was eliminated - he was hilarious! But as always, I am going for Austin Scarlett. That man is fab-u-los. I also love Kara, mainly because she’s from New Zealand and I always loved her style.

I’m also watching America’s Next Top Model. It’s like junk food - I know it’s terrible but I can’t stop watching it! I love the whole Brits vs American’s thing this year and as someone who has watched nearly all of the different Next Top Models, I recognized quite a few of the Brit girls.

For home design, I can’t go past Sarah Richardson’s shows. I loved all the shows she did over. What else… Grand Designs is always inspiring, Cake Boss cracks me up and 60 Minute Makeover is great for quoting!

What reality/fashion design shows do you watch? And more importantly, who are you going for on Project Runway!?


  1. mistydbowen said: I’m rooting for Mondo this year. Austin’s getting a little big for his britches. Isn’t Sarah the best? I loved the farm house she did. Oh and I’m in the U.S. and we had 3 channels when I was growing up. So it’s not just Australia.
  2. champagnebutterflies said: I LOVE Project Runway but how are you watching All Stars when Arena just started season 9? Massive fan of Sarah Richardson and adore Tommy and love every room they’ve done. Grand Designs - who doesn’t love Kevin?! Those shows are full of inspirations!
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