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Postcard Birthday Poster | Oh Happy Day!
Sometimes it’s so hard to think of something for someone’s birthday, especially when you’re short on funds. One of the most important parts of receiving something for your birthday (other than the um… receiving part!) is knowing that the person who gave you the gift actually thought through what they gave you. There’s nothing worse than getting a present and thinking - ‘Um, what the?! Do they know who I am?! Or did they just grab the first thing that was on sale and wrap it up!?’ And then you feel guilty for not appreciating the present and then you’re annoyed that you felt guilty because after all, it is your birthday and how dare they make you feel guilty on your birthday, and what the hell am I going to say to them when they ask me if I enjoyed reading the Nicole Richie book they got you? (This is a true to life story. Don’t buy people books by Nicole Richie as a gift. Just don’t)
This is where this amazing gift steps in. They suggest that you give the cards to others and get them all to send to the birthday girl/boy, but I would be worried that someone would drop the ball and it would say ‘I’m say happy you were bor’. But you may have more reliable friends/family! The other option is to write your own little notes and start sending out one a day before their birthday. Either way, it’s a beautiful way to show someone how much you appreciate them, a really pretty piece of art, and a conversation starter! How can something so cheap and free be so amazing!?


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