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Polka Dot Jeans: 2 Ways

Browsing through Grazia magazine (my favourite weekly!) I spotted a pair of polka dot jeans. Well I went straight to Google and of course there were already plenty of DIY projects! Here are my favourite two:

Polka Dot Pants | Made In Pretoria
The first tutorial uses paint to make your spots. Particularly great for coloured jeans! These are based on these J Crew pants but honestly I love the Made In Pretoria ones more!

Polka Dotted Skinnies | C. W. Frosting
And with this version a bleach pen was used to create the spots! The spots on this pair are pretty tiny, but if you have patience the outcome is amazing!

It’s completely up to you as to how you create your dots. I think that the bleach pen certainly has more varied results than with the painted dots- the bleach can be unpredictable depending on how hard you press. I prefer the painted dots - you can get a more uniform dot and as long as you don’t load on the paint you shouldn’t need to put anything inside the pant legs (bleach might bleed through to the other side) Either way, they look amazing!